Planning Your Trip: Recomended Apps

Yes, dear reader, that’s apps (plural).  In the age of the iPhone, you can plan your Disney vacation in line at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, or on your commute to work (assuming you take public transit, I’m not encouraging using a smartphone and driving).  Before you head off to the land of The Mouse, take the time to download these free apps to help you plan your journey and enjoy your time at the parks.  On August 1, 2012, Disney rolled out free wifi at the Magic Kingdom and the other parks are rumored to be following soon.  As 3G networks are notoriously spotty, the free wifi will let you take advantage of real-time line updates, maps, and dining reviews all on your iPhone.

My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is the official Walt Disney World app and a great improvement over its predecessor, Mobile Magic.  The app includes maps of all of the parks and resorts in The World (sortable by attractions, dining, shopping, etc.), as well as detailed information on restaurants, attractions, park hours, times guides, etc.  The Here & Now feature activates while in the parks to help you find whatever you need near your current location.  Download it from the iTunes Store here.

Touring Plans

To really use the Touring Plans Line app, you will need a paid membership to, which, in my humble opinion, is worth every penny of the $11.95 fee for an entire year of access.  The same amazing folks who brought you The Unofficial Guide teamed up to create this handy little app.  The app includes access to their detailed reviews of everything Disney, their indispensable touring plans (both personalized and standard), and the very useful crowd calculator.

Disney Memories App

Add fun borders and decorations to your Disney vacation memories.  Great for keeping little ones entertained!


A fun countdown app is a great way to count down the days (gee, who’d thought) until your Disney vacation.  There are lots of free countdown apps in the App Store.

Google Drive

If you’re Type A and will be making itineraries and spreadsheets of your dining plans and agenda, Google Drive is great!  You can edit from anywhere and its helpful to have the confirmation numbers for all of your ADR’s (advance dining reservations) at hand in case of any issues.


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